A collaborator of Save me speaks about his drug addiction: “They are for life”

There are already several collaborators of Save me who have confessed their drug addiction. This topic is somewhat sensitive, so it is not always easy to talk about it. However, it seems that the gathering has wanted to face his demons.

And it is that days after confront German Gonzalez and threatening to leave Save me Given the possibility of not meeting Rafa Mora on the set again, Kiko Matamoros reappeared this Tuesday in the space of Telecinco. He did it to undergo a session with Christina Soria and thus discover the reasons for the irascible behavior -greater than usual- that he has shown in recent weeks.

In his talk with the coach, Matamoros explained that the allusions to the age difference with his partner bother him: “It causes me a lot of rejection and a lot of pain to have to face that. It not only offends me, but it also offends her” . In addition, he revealed that his insecurities have increased after passing through ‘survivors‘: “The destructive evolution was tremendous. After seven days I began to notice an enormous weakness”.

“I have an obsession with the physical since I am 18 years old or less. I try to have a physical form according to the age that I am, because I do not pretend to be an Olympic champion, but there I discovered many seams that have to do with problems that I have been dragging for years“, He pointed out during his speech on yesterday’s program.

In addition, he recalled that he has suffered “a vertiginous deterioration and a brutal weight loss” after passing through the contest: “I was surrounded by much younger people and who respond physically in another way to extreme situations. I felt very bad in that sense, the jokes around that affect me.”

from the roof of Mediasetthe commentator made reference to the videos made by Germán and asked “That everyone try to make humor without doing harm”. He also took the opportunity to apologize to Adela González for the bad gesture he had with her last week: “I want to tell you that this gesture did not go with you, something that was not funny was being treated as a joke and I tried to ask in an unfortunate way that I wanted to answer. I apologize.”

But he also spoke out about his drug addiction. The talk show host assured that “additions are for life, everyone who has been an addict knows this. I’m doing well in the fight against that, I think it doesn’t condition me at all,” he said. “I’m very clear about what I want, to defend my health above all else and my colleagues know I’m not lying,” assured the collaborator, who has ” five and a half months out of that story” and he is certain that “it has not affected the character or anything”. “If I ever relapse I will have no shame in admitting it.”


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