a flu outbreak in midsummer

The vaccination campaign flu It usually starts in autumn so that the population arrives with the maximum possible immunity in the months of January, February and March, which is when the epidemic peaks of the disease are usually recorded. However, in Bilbao at the end of August there is a unusual number of cases of influenza A, nothing typical of the summer months.

The outbreak, according to sources from the Basque Government’s Health Department, is currently located in the basurto hospital, in Bilbao. If until a few weeks ago it was usual to diagnose one or two sporadic cases of this disease, in the last week they have already accumulated more than 70 positives.

A Health spokeswoman acknowledges that the incidence “has increased compared to other weeks.” She calls attention to the fact that most of the cases are taking place in young peopleand one hypothesis is that the crowds that have taken place during Bilbao’s Big Week has been able to contribute to the spread of the virus. “We must bear in mind that the flu is circulating at higher levels than usual out of season,” they insist from the council.

In fact, it is not the first outbreak of influenza A recorded among young people this August. Some days ago in Galicia The alarms also went off in the face of an unusual number of infections. In reality, the dozens of cases of influenza A were located in Paredes de Coura, a Portuguese town very close to the border. The outbreak has been linked to a Music festival indian very frequented by young Galicians.

The increase in flu cases in the middle of summer also coincides with the forecast that many epidemiologists in recent months. In the two years of the pandemic, flu infections have been well below the usual, even in the winter months. Therefore, it would be expected that now that the Covid shows signs of retreating, the flu virus find more facilities to spread in immune systems that have developed a lower rate of immunity.

Despite everything, from the Basque Government’s Ministry of Health they explain that, for the moment, one can only speak of a “punctual increase» and that this increase in infections does not have to translate into a continued increase in the accumulated incidence. “We continue working to be vigilantes against the flu in particular and against respiratory viruses in general”, they conclude.


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