A former British spy sues his daughter’s school for discrimination

Aimen Deana old spy of Saudi origin who worked undercover Al Qaeda for MI6has denounced for discrimination to one of the Scotland’s most prestigious private girls’ schools. This was explained in an interview with the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’.

Dean, who was a bomb maker in the terrorist organization and is credited with saving thousands of lives through his mission, accuses Edinburgh’s St. George’s School of create a “toxic environment” for her five-year-old daughter.

Changed check-in and check-out times

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In September 2021, the British channel ‘Channel 4’ premiered a bin laden documentarywhere he ex-spy appeared giving his testimony. A few weeks later, the school principalAlex Hems, summoned him and his wife for a meeting, where he presented the concerns of some parents that your presence posed a risk to the safety of the students. Also, she asked alter your daughter’s arrival and departure times. They agreed that she would arrive 20 minutes later and she would leave 30 minutes later, but the girl received several reprimands for “being late”.

Now him scottish school board this investigating the factsand in case they consider that they have not properly safeguarded and promoted the welfare of the minor, they could receive a formal inspection, in addition to the imposition of measures to improve policies and management. Hems rejects Dean’s version. As explained to ‘The Guardian’, after this experience the family is going to leave the UK for find a new school for the little ones somewhere middle eastern country.


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