A former “Know and win” contestant leaves Orestes on the verge of goodbye in “Pasapalabra”

After 227 programsthe Burgos orestes barber has been on the verge of abandoning the most followed contest on TV, Pass word. She suffered like never before on the call “Blue Chair”, in which the participants have to answer the questions whose answers begin with a certain letter in a maximum of five seconds, an eliminatory test in which only one failure is tolerated. He soon committed it and the chair turned out to be a real torture rack.

his opponent was Jimena, who was presented as a Madrilenian and «doctorate in Philology». opened the fire Orestes, who hit the first three, just like his opponent. The fourth error came. “Noise produced by people shouting, laughing or talking loudly”I ask Robert Loyal. “Screaming,” replied the man from Burgos very convinced. When the presenter pointed out his mistake, he immediately rectified: “Gibberish!” Indeed, that was the correct answer.

maximum tension

From that moment on, he knew that one more failure meant his elimination. Jimena put even more pressure, as he got the next three right, and it wasn’t until the seventh question that he got it wrong for the first time. “To plow or work the land for the first time to put it into cultivation”Leal raised. “I don’t know,” she admitted. It was “break”. She did hit the next one and it was in the ninth when she missed again. «Baby one-piece garment that leaves the legs uncovered», was the question. The correct thing was “frog”, but Jimena did not answer.

“How well played!” he reacted. Orestes admired before dismissing his rival. “I’m thanking heaven for not touching me with Jimena, who was hitting bites. It is the first time I see Orestes fail in a ‘Blue Chair’. That is historic for me,” he analyzed. Rafa Brown. Already seated, the man from Burgos admitted having made a “slip”, which he later supplied with “maximum concentration”. Perhaps he trusted because he had “many chairs without failing any”, and that he knew the virtues of his rival, who, as he indicated, participated in his day in the contest To know and to win.

Tomorrow again

tomorrow thursday vwill suffer that eliminatory test again. It was not enough for him to get 23 answers right in “El Rosco”, with a single mistake. He closed his shift and left Rafa alone in the face of danger. The Andalusian started with twelve hits and no one failed, he hit eleven more without any error and won the particular duel. It was clear: it was not the day of Orestes.

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