A hurricane could touch Spanish soil next week

a possible tropical cyclone could go to Spainaccording to alert the time is which adds that, currently, there are three different disturbances under surveillance for the possible formation of tropical systems in the coming days.

Thus, the meteorological portal indicates that, for first time since 1982, there have been no named storms between July 3 and August 22. The Hurricane season was very expected active in the Atlantic but to date there have only been three named systems, a situation that seems about to change since, over the next few days, there could be several systems with significant potential.

One of these systems would be an unstable zone located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at relatively high latitudes. According to the forecasts of various meteorological models, this area of ​​instability would manage to organize itself, initially forming a depression or tropical storm. The United States National Hurricane Center he has confirmed their training in the North Atlantic, still in the form of a tropical storm.

As the days go by, and if it finally manages to form, the models indicate that the system would move slowly to the northeast, and then turn to the east and move more quickly. It would be then when it would acquire its maximum intensity, with forecasts indicating that it could have the characteristics of a category 1 hurricane from Tuesday and at least until Thursday.

As to whether this situation could affect Spain, the experts point out that not yet known for sure since, in the first place, he has to get trained and, later, we will have to see its intensity and trajectory because tropical cyclones are complex systems with their own dynamics.

Despite this, several of the main meteorological models indicate that the tropical cyclone could approach Iberian Peninsula for Thursday in the next week. To move brushing the northwest Only, the first consequence would be an important warm irruption with a southerly wind. In addition, in its wake it would leave strong winds and rough seas on the Atlantic coast. Rains associated with the system would also arrive, especially in the northwest of the country.

This would not be the first tropical system to affect the Peninsula, which has already suffered the consequences of ‘Vince‘, a hurricane that reached the peninsular territory as a tropical storm, entering through the GOlfo of Cadiz. Also the remains of the hurricane ‘Leslie‘ impacted the Peninsula in 2018 as extratropical storm or cyclone.

Recently, in September 2020, the subtropical storm formed alpha‘ that hit Portugal being the tropical cyclone formed further east in the Atlantic basin since there are records. There have also been other cases that have affected the country tangentially, such as ‘Ophelia‘ in October 2017, a hurricane that left strong winds, which in Portugal and Spain complicated the numerous forest fires that were taking place at that time.


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