A man wins a prone championship after being like this for 60 hours in a row

The town of Brezna, in Montenegro, has been holding a peculiar competition for more than a decade in which all you have to do is lie down. The 12th annual edition of their Laying Down Championship has just taken place and has been won by a man named Zarko Pejanovic, known as ‘Knele’, who has won the victory after 60 hours lying down.

The competition was held outdoors, at the foot of a large tree and the contestants they had a mattress and blankets on which they had to lie down and do nothing but maintain a horizontal position.

Pejanovic competed against nine other people, lying on the ground in a local park and they were allowed to have the cell phone and any other accessories to have fun with them.

Contestants are allowed to go to the bathroom for a few minutes every 8 hours and the The contest record is held by a woman named Dubravka Aksic, who spent four days and 21 hours lying face up (117 hours). Before the toileting rule was implemented a few years ago, the record was 52 hours.

The Lying Down Championship, as the competition is called, was created by a man named Radoje Blagojevic to mock the stereotype that Montenegrins are lazy and the prize is 350 euros, a meal for two people, a weekend stay in a small rural hotel and a rafting experience.

“It wasn’t difficult. Believe me, I didn’t even warm up,” said Pejanovic, who, in an unexpected turn of events, shortly after winning he was arrested by the police for trying to attack some journalists and vandalize the editorial office of a newspaper that had branded him “the biggest swindler in all of Montenegro”.


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