A woman sues Kim Kardashian because she bought her famous adhesive strips to enhance the breast and caused skin damage

It is clear that kim kardashian It is currently an icon and benchmark of fashion. So much so that in his underwear brand, Skims, he launched some adhesive strips with the aim of enhancing the breast whoever bought them.

a woman named Noelle Smith He bought them and when he tried them, he assures that when he went to take them off, they caused him skin damage that he had to solve by going to the doctor. It is because of that has denounced the model for “expenses incurred for medical attention”, since the product does not cover this type of situation.

Responsible and sensible companies should design adhesive strips that do not tear the skin of their customersSmith declares to The Blastadding that the design of the tape was “sloppy” and the materials used were inadequateso the product ends up being “dangerous and unsafe” for use.

A few hours after this news broke, Kim’s representative went to work to solve this problem. “After conducting a thorough investigation of this complaint, we have discovered that the customer bought a fake strip from Amazona company that is not an official marketer of Skims products”, are the statements that it gives and that TMZ takes care of sharing.

In the same statement, he wants to make it clear to customers that they only buy brand products through the direct sales service or official partnersso that they receive authentic products that meet quality standards, and not imitation products that can harm your body.


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