ACS wins two contracts in the US for 800 million

Flatiron, one of the ACS subsidiaries in the United Stateshas been awarded two new contracts in Los Angeles (California) valued at 800 million euros, aimed at improving transportation on the roads that surround this city of almost 19 million inhabitants, including its metropolitan area. The company, in “joint venture-2 with the local firm Myers & Sons Construction, has prevailed in the contract to build new high occupancy express lanes on the I-105 highway with an estimated cost of 507 million euros, as reported in a statement. Public buses and cars carrying more than one person will be able to use these new lanes without paying a toll. The goal is to improve the safety and quality of travel, giving all users a choice.

On the other hand, in another “joint venture” with the companies Stacy and Witbeck and Modern Railway Systems, Flatiron will be in charge of developing a new fast bus line, also in Los Angeles and for an amount of 300 million euros. This project consists of the construction of separate lanes for a new line of the so-called G-Line Bus Rapid, which allows bus travel times to be reduced, while at the same time improving safety by preventing cars and buses from traveling in the same lane.


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