AEMET warns of a possible hurricane forming near Spain: “Far north”

Although autumn does not enter until next day September 23what has started this Thursday the 1st is known as ‘meteorological autumn’. A date that marks the imminent change of season, as well as the end of the summer holidays and the return to school. All this after an especially hot summerof what more since there are records.

The long days of intense heat, with hardly any rainit seems that they will come to an end with the arrival of a storm from Greenland. But, in addition, meteorologists are studying an event that could occur in the coming days, with the possibility, not yet confirmed, of approaching Spain. Juan Jesús González Alemán, physicist and meteorologist from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET)informs of the possible “formation of a hurricane anomalously high in latitude. The trajectories predicted by the models point to our region”.

This was confirmed this past Wednesday, emphasizing on this fact that what causes him the most surprise is “the coincidence in maintaining such an intense cyclone approaching the Iberian Peninsula. This also gives greater potential for a powerful extratropical transition, something that should not be ignored.” Far from being alarmist, it makes it clear that it is a scenery possible. But it is a fairly serious and representative scenario to monitor and be aware of”.

Tracking Update

After the stir caused by his comments, González Alemán specified that he was trying to “focus on the anomaly of the event, not of the impact in Spainfor which there is still time. I’m not anticipating the end of the world”. Hours later, after analyzing the evolution of the predictions, the AEMET meteorologist confirmed the “high probability of formation of the anomalous tropical cyclone as far north”. The United States National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami issued a warning on Thursday before the formation of a tropical storm west of the Azores Islands, which they will call Danielle.

Gonzalez German points to a key factor for this phenomenon, if it finally occurs: warming of surface waters, both in the Mediterranean and in the North Atlantic, with temperature records in more than 30 years. The AEMET expert explains how the storms in the area “are starting to organize now revolve around a center of circulation. You can even see an eye.” What is missing now, he adds, is to finalize his career. With this new update, a component further north is confirmed, being able to reach the northwest of the peninsula.

Even the The US National Hurricane Center has declared the formation of this cyclone. “Strengthening to a hurricane is expected as it moves north, something extraordinary for the area. Spain is far away, for now”. And, finally, he makes it clear that the probability that he will arrive in Spain is very low. “The event is noteworthy for the atmospheric anomaly”. The most “worrying” scenario, he recalls, is not that it could arrive as a hurricane, but the fact that it undergoes “a powerful extratropical transition, a phenomenon that can have a greater impact”.

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