“After the operation, incontinence symptoms improve by at least 80%”

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, losing weight, drinking enough water and exercising to strengthen the pelvic floor are some of the recommendations to prevent urinary incontinence, a disease that affects six million Spaniards.

How many types are there?

There is stress urinary incontinence when the patient performs activity that produces an increase in abdominal pressure, which leads to urine loss (coughing, sneezing, lifting weight, walking, etc.); urge incontinence: associated with an irrepressible desire to urinate, but before being able to reach the bathroom, urine loss occurs; mixed: when two types of incontinence coexist; that of overflow, which appears, paradoxically, in patients who cannot empty their bladder properly, and insensible incontinence, which occurs without the patient knowing that they are losing urine.


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