Air France-KLM and Delta, very close to acquiring Ita Airways | Airlines News

Delta Airlines and Air France-KLM would be about to complete the acquisition of ITA Airways. The Italian Ministry of Finance and Treasury has announced today the start of an exclusive negotiation with two companies and the Certares fund to close the purchase of the Alitalia heiress, according to Europa Press.

Local media reveal that the proposal would be around 50% of the airline, something that convinces the Italian government, which considers that it is the “most in line with the objectives set by the Prime Minister’s decree.” However, they proceed cautiously, noting that “binding agreements will be signed only if the content is completely satisfactory to the public shareholder.” (The sale of Ita, again stranded)

After the news, the airline itself wanted to comment on the matter, reporting that “it was and continues to be the best solution for ITA”. Likewise, it takes into account the intention of the executive to “allow greater influence of the State and not foresee a complete privatization of ITA”.

This leaves the consortium made up of the shipping company MSC and Lufthansa completely out of the equation. as published Preferential, offered around 850 million euros for the purchase of 80%. The group had already made a purchase proposal, but it seems that neither the first nor the second have finished convincing. (Lufthansa and MSC offer 850 million for Ita Airways)

Now everything is subject to what happens in the next general elections, which will be held on September 25 after the resignation of Mario Draghi. His intention has always been to close this process before that moment, but we will have to see what happens.

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