Alejandra Herranz, the name that sounds stronger to replace Ana Blanco on the ‘Telediario’

Although it had already been rumored since before the summer, the bomb news jumped this Monday first thing in the morning: Anne White stop showing the Newscast in the next season after more than thirty years at the head of public television news.

The Bilbao would have been who would have taken the initiative for this change before the summer claiming a deep fatigue and would have agreed with the management a change of direction for the next season. The changes that have occurred in recent times in news programs, such as lifting the presenters from the table, and with which Blanco would not have felt comfortable, would also have weighed on this fatigue.

From TVE they report that the communicator prepares an informative program linked to current affairs. The details of this space will be announced on the 14th in the presentation of the new programming of the chain.

[Ana Blanco despide el ‘Telediario’ desde lo alto del Pirulí por su 40 aniversario]

They must also communicate the great mystery that now arises after Blanco’s departure: who will be his replacement? Well, as BLUPER has been able to find out, one of the names that sound the loudest to lead the first edition of the Newscast it is Alexandra Herranz.

The journalist, who has cut her teeth on Canal 24 Horas, has been Blanco’s usual substitute and during these vacations he has been in charge of the news. With a mother from the Canary Islands and a father from Madrid, Herranz landed on RTVE from News telecinco.

The new season of public television news will start on September 12 with a special from kyiv presented by Carlos Franganillo. In addition, there will also be a special from La Palma, predictably on September 19 and with Herranz at the helm.

Changes in news

RTVE is currently carrying out a profound restructuring of its information services after the journalist Pau Fons and the direction of the channel agreed at the beginning of July that the Balearic he will leave his position in front of the direction of news after only one year in office.

Only a few months before this abandonment, the Corporation had appointed Pep Vilar Director of Informative Contents of RTVE after the resignation of Steve Crespowho had only been in office ten months.

Vilar had already served as Director of Informative Content of RTVE before the arrival of Crespo during the last stage of Rosa María Mateo at the head of the Corporation. However, José Manuel Pérez Tornero decided to dismiss him when he became president.

The president then appointed Mamen of the Hill as director, but only a few days later she decided not to formalize her appointment, acknowledging “differences arising in the preparation of the Informative Services organization chart”.


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