Alejandra Rubio and her boyfriend argue in the middle of the street

  • The collaborator and her boyfriend have a discussion outside the paparazzi cameras

  • Their disagreement occurred during the celebration of the 57th birthday of Terelu Campos, mother of Alejandra Rubio

Terelu Campos blows out the candles for her 57th birthday sheltered by her family. The presenter has celebrated her day accompanied by some friends and colleagues, among whom her daughter could not miss either, Alexandra Rubio. The former collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ did not hesitate to attend the event with her boyfriendwith whom he ended up starring in a tense discussion in the middle of the street.

As can be seen in the video that Europa Press has been able to record, Alejandra and Carlos Aguera they had a heated argument during Terelu’s party. The couple was seen leaving the well-known brewery in the capital where the hostess and the rest of the guests were to talk for several minutes when their disagreement occurred.

Alejandra Rubio and her boyfriend, Carlos Agüera, on Terelu Campos’s birthdayEurope Press

The boyfriend of the granddaughter of María Teresa Campos was shown quite angry and he did not stop recriminating things to his partner. She, for her part, tried to put the point of conciliation and calm the man from Malaga, although without much success, since finally her boy ended up leaving the birthday and leaving the influencer alone, as explained by the aforementioned agency.

It is unknown what really happened between them and the content of this conversation from which it seems that they couldn’t get anything clear

The new professional alternatives of Alejandra Rubio after her time in 'Viva la vida' (Nuria Marín)

The new professional alternatives of Alejandra Rubio after passing through ‘Viva la vida’

Alejandra and Carlos tried to talk peacefully for several minutes, although the tension and the Andalusian anger did not diminish despite the conciliatory attempts of the commentator, who in the video seems to be quite affected and whose gestures seem to have caused the occasional tear to escape.

The first images of the two together came out just a year ago. Shortly after their relationship became public, they began to share life in home who, at least for now, still live as a couple.

The incredible physical transformation of Alejandra Rubio (Nuria Marín)

The incredible physical transformation of Alejandra Rubio


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