Alejandro Nieto shows his ‘rebound effect’ after passing through ‘Survivors’

‘Survivors’ put an end to its last edition last July when Alejandro Nieto became the brand new winner ahead of Marta Peñate. Once in Spain, the contestants continue to make headlines due to the various physical and psychological consequences they are suffering. Most of them show on social networks the consequences of three months living under extreme conditions in the Cayos Cochinos. Nacho Palau, Anabel Pantoja, Marta Peñate, Tania Medina or Alejandro Nieto are some of the most affected.

And it is precisely the winner of ‘Survivors 2022’ who has experienced a greater physical change both throughout the contest and afterwards. During his time on the Telecinco reality show, Alejandro Nieto lost up to 19 kilos, achieving a more than evident transformation in his appearance. However, the one who was also a participant in ‘The Island of Temptations’ is experiencing the already known ‘rebound effect’ on his return to reality.

Tania Medina’s boyfriend confesses on his social networks that since his goodbye to the Cayos Cochinos he suffers from great anxiety about food that makes him eat food in large quantities. Despite this setback, Alejandro Nieto does not lose his sense of humor. “While I’m eating, I twerk… Versatile… And yes, I’ve gained kilos… Nothing’s wrong!”writes on his Instagram profile along with several images where you can check the ‘rebound effect’.


His most immediate plans with Tania Medina

Alejandro Nieto and Tania Medina are going through their best moment as a couple. Their stay in ‘Survivors’ has allowed their love story to come out more reinforced than ever and proof of this is that the Andalusian and the Canarian have decided to go a step further and move in together. “We have rented an apartment for four or five months while I collect the prize and I can build my little house,” he says. “What I want is to have a house. What I have always said, is what I want and what I wish for, ”she adds.

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