Allies of Lula and Bolsonaro have to be separated behind the scenes of the electoral debate


The federal deputy André Janones and the former Minister of Environment Ricardo Salles have had to be separated by the security services from the first televised debate, in which the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and the former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, have met. measured for the first time in this campaign.

According to the images that have been disseminated by various media and social networks, the clash arose after former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva mentioned at one point in the debate the policies he carried out during his term in environmental matters.

In the images, Janones can be heard calling Salles “bandit” and “scoundrel”, they even physically challenge him, “hit me, man”. In response, the former Minister of the Environment, visibly upset, reminded the deputy of some of the accusations about alleged corruption that weigh on him.

Finally, the situation calmed down and both remained watching a debate in which the candidate of the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), Ciro Gomes, that of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), Simone Tebet; Luiz Felipe d’Avila for the Partido Novo; and Soraya Thronicke from Unión Brasil.

The main objective of the rest of the candidates was President Bolsonaro, who erred in the face of a group of the electorate that, according to the polls, is reluctant to give him their vote, that of women, when he attacked the journalist Vera Magalhães for a question about whether misinformation about the vaccine would explain the drop in the vaccination rate.

Bolsonaro, who had a minute to respond, preferred to attack the journalist, whom he accused of being “a shame” for the profession. “I couldn’t expect anything else from you. I think you go to sleep thinking about me. You are somewhat in love with me,” said the Brazilian president.

For his part, Lula, a favorite in the polls and strengthened after the interview he gave to the Globo network last week, was somewhat insecure when Bolsonaro attacked him for Petrobas corruption, which he avoided talking about. He was slow to overcome and remind the still president of his government scandals.

As for the rest, Ciro Gomes and Simone Tebet achieved some prominence when facing the two favorites. The one from the PDT put Bolsonaro on the ropes when he brought up the issue of hunger in Brazil, just like the MDB candidate who reproached him for her continuous attacks on women.

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