AMD Ryzen 7000 laptops will be much more powerful and efficient

Just a few days ago we already knew the specifications and characteristics of the future Ryzen 7000 processors. These stood out for various reasons, but one of them was the fact that they were very efficient at low consumption, since this will be better than that of its rival Intel. That is why we hope to see future laptops with AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU with a big efficiency and performance.

In the world of PC hardware, we are seeing a trend to increase energy consumption to levels we haven’t seen before. Just at the moment when the electricity is more expensive, new components will be released in the form of processors and graphics with high consumption. Of course, this is due to a great power increasebut there are certain sectors where it is more important to think of a greater efficiency.

The AMD Ryzen 7000 take a leap in efficiency at low consumption

A clear example of this case are the laptopsbecause here we want to get the greatest performance per watt consumed. And it is that, how many times have we seen laptops with top-of-the-range CPU that later have a battery that only lasts a few hours. Even using high-capacity batteries, the high consumption of a processor or a graphics card makes them run out in record time, especially if we play with the laptop. That is why, when the desktop AMD Ryzen 7000 showed the world its efficiency graph, we saw a bright future for laptops.

And it is that, comparing the 7950X vs. 5950Xwe speak of an incredible 74% performance improvement when consumedr 65Wa TDP close to, although somewhat higher than that of top of the line laptops. Raising consumption to 105W we see that the efficiency falls, but remain a 37% faster than the last generation. Lastly, to 170Wwe speak of a 35% higher performance regarding Zen 3. What we mean by all this is that we see a clear trend that the efficiency of Ryzen 7000 is unrivaled at low consumption.

In 2023, Zen 4 laptop CPUs will feature up to 16 cores

AMD Ryzen 7000 Efficiency Vs Alder Lake

Seeing what a Ryzen 7950X limited to only 65W is capable of, all the pieces fall into place when it comes to confirming the next big thing from AMD. This will be in the world of laptops, where clearly its market share it is remarkably lower than Intel. But this could change with Ryzen 7000because the future CPUs for laptops AMD Dragon Range high-performance products promise to destroy the competition. with TDP of 55W+ And till 16 cores and 32 threads beside 80MB cachewould become ultra-high-performance processors in laptops.

In addition, AMD already claimed that the cores Zen 4 5nm They are a 47% more efficient than the P-Cores Golden Cove of Alder Lake. This means that, unless Intel pleasantly surprises us with a huge leap in efficiency, the Ryzen 7000 will be the king of it. On the other hand, it is intended to launch another Zen 4 CPU family for laptops, this time under the name phoenix point. In this case, consumption will be lower, since it will be between 35 and 45Wwith a maximum of 8 cores and 16 threads.

But the surprise comes, in that these processors will have a powerful iGPU with architecture RDNA3. Thus, we can imagine a great future for AMD in the field of slim laptops either consoles like a Steam Deck 2. And it is that, the AMD Ryzen 7000 probably will not win the Intel Raptor Lake in performance, but they will in efficiency.

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