Ana de Armas, disgusted by the rating of ‘Blonde’: “There are many movies with more sex”

Anne of Arms has been openly dissatisfied with the age rating that the authorities have given to Blondebiopic about Marilyn Monroe in which she plays the iconic actress. The film has been classified as only recommended for adults (NC-17 in the United States and +18 in Spain) due to its sexually explicit scenes. Armas finds this decision unfair compared to other films.

“I don’t understand why this has happened. I can name a good number of movies that are much more explicit and with more sexual content than Blond. to tell this story it was important to show all those moments of Marylin’s life that made it end that way”, explained de Armas in an interview with the French fashion magazine L’Officiel, which is collected by Europa Press.

“It had to be told. Everyone [en el reparto] I knew there were going to be awkward moments. I wasn’t the only one,” said the Cuban-Spanish actress, who came to have the support of Brad Pitt after the criticism he received on social networks for his accent in the movie trailer.

However, the director of BlondeAndrew Dominik said a few months ago that he understood his age rating, and he defended it strongly. “I think people aren’t sure where the limits are. It’s a movie that, without a doubt, has a certain morality about. But swim in ambiguous waters because I don’t think it’s as simple as people think. I want to see. It contains things capable of offending everyone,” Dominik said of the film, the first on Netflix to be rated 18+ only.


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