Anabel Pantoja explodes at the accusations that she will not see her father

Bernardo Pantoja has been entered again, information that was given in the first place Jose Antonio Leon yesterday afternoon in ‘Save me’ and of which he gave all the details. And the spotlights, after knowing this, has been put in Anabel Pantoja and why he has not gone to visit his father, something that Lydia Lozano has told and that has ended with the live intervention of Anabel herself to explain herself.

Anabel Pantoja She has gone live on the program to talk about all this and has done so by showing her anger at some accusations that have been made about her: “I am not going to allow my mother to not be as she was. She does not prohibit me from anything, It has instilled in me to love my father, to be with him, to protect him, as far as I can”. She assures that her father is not alone: “It sells a lot to say that he is alone and that the daughter is on a yacht. I’m fed up! A program doesn’t have to tell me where I have to be, I’m tired of the values ​​you have to give me every afternoon. I have my life and I decide what to do And if I’m wrong, I’ll be wrong.”

Anabel Pantoja explains herself live

“My father has been like this for a long time, when I have to be there, I don’t have to be justifying, who doesn’t like what I do, don’t look at me”, ensures. In addition, the influencer has shown his anger with the words of Carmen Alcayde: “Before you speak, you have my phone, I’m not on a ship, I’m doing important things. I don’t have to justify myself to you or to anyone.”

Anabel, to Carmen Alcayde: "I don't have to justify myself with you or with anyone"

Anabel, to Carmen Alcayde: “I don’t have to justify myself with you or with anyone”

After waiting a few moments for publicity, she has ended up completely broken in tears: “I hit, I’m sorry if I’ve disrespected you. The only thing I ask of you is that it is a sensitive issue, at least remember how I have been with you and your families. It hurts and my father hurts me too”

“Nobody deserves me to enter like this, least of all you who are workingbut you also have to understand that it is my life and that I want to defend my father and my mother above all else”, he concludes.

Anabel Pantoja breaks down and apologizes

Anabel Pantoja breaks down and apologizes

“I just found out why Anabel hasn’t gone and when does she go”, intoned Lydia Lozano from the set of the program. In the first place she has revealed the first reason why she has not traveled to Seville: “She has not gone because the information she has is that it is not that serious“. And he added: “Today operate on his close friend in the Canary Islands”. In addition, the collaborator has stated that Isabel Pantoja’s niece “is going to see her father tomorrow”.

Lydia Lozano gives information about Anabel Pantoja and why she has not gone to see her father

Lydia Lozano gives information about Anabel Pantoja and why she has not gone to see her father


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