Anabel Pantoja, on why she is not with Yulen and Arelys in Mallorca: “I don’t paint anything”

Anabel Pantoja has entered very angry live in the face of accusations that he is not going to see his father when he is in poor health, something that has been explained and has ended up completely broken. After this, she has talked about everything that surrounds her and explained the reason why has not accompanied her boyfriend Yulen Pereira on vacation with his mother.

Anabel Pantoja goes live and faces the accusations after her father’s admission: “I’m fed up!”

“I have to be with mine and he with his. He has gone on vacation with his family, I don’t paint anything. I have to organize my life ”, explained the collaborator when asked why he is not with Arelys and Yulen in Mallorca.

After this, Terelu Campos asked him the reasons why you are not having a good time. “I have been traveling, I needed to disconnect, but I think I was the last contestant to go home. But landing on the island, coming home, finding bad things, regular and also good. My life has stopped for three months.”

The advice of Kiko Matamoros to Anabel Pantoja

The advice of Kiko Matamoros to Anabel Pantoja

Also, Kiko Matamoros He has warned his partner live that a video has arrived: “You should relax a bit, you look haughty, arrogant. Probably overkill, it’s human. But it is something that does not favor you”. She has intoned that she has only been home for a week and has explained: “There have been many emotions when I have arrived. I didn’t expect to go down the street and be asked for a thousand photos, I’m still adapting. I’m a little defensive, but because I’m very nervous. I am human”.


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