Anabel Pantoja reacts to the filtering of false images of Isabel Pantoja on the beach

This weekend, José Antonio Avilés assured in ‘Socialité’ that he had obtained an image in which Isabel Pantoja could be seen in a beach bar with some friends in Conil de la Frontera. Today, in ‘Sálvame’, José Antonio León has shown with evidence that the tonadillera did not appear in that photo, but a woman who resembles her because she is wearing sunglasses and her hair is tied back.

María Patiño apologizes after learning that the image of Isabel Pantoja on the beach is false: her anger with José Antonio Avilés

Listening to José Antonio León, María Patiño has sprouted live against Avilés, whom he has accused of constructing “false evidence”. “I apologize and apologize for our lack of professionalism, I have doubted him for a long time, despite giving a person opportunities, he continues to play with the illusion of a team and that does not please me”, have been the apologies to the presenter’s audience, who could not hold back the tears.

The one who has taken it with more humor has been Anabel Pantoja, who has shown to be attentive to the contents of ‘Save me’, reacted in her Instagram stories to the leaking of these false images of her aunt. The influencer has shared a video of the tonadillera in one of her concerts joking with her audience and repeating on several occasions: “I’m leaving, but I’m not leaving.” “Images provided by José Antonio Avilés of Isabel Pantoja leaving the Conil beach bar”, Anabel has written next to this clip and an emoticon that breaks out laughing.

Anabel Pantoja takes with humor the filtering of false images of her aunt

Anabel Pantoja takes with humor the filtering of false images of her auntInstagram


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