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The evolution of technology has influenced all aspects of our daily lives. Not just make video calls or play games online. Now Ring, a company specializing in telephones, has a new device that syncs with your smartphone.

We all like to see who’s at the door, but without having to peek through the peephole or look out the window. That is why Ring has been succeeding in the United States for years with its modern solutions. The last one brings us connection via WiFi with our smartphone to see who is on the other side.

Ring Intercom is an easy-to-mount device that mounts to your home intercom and connects via Wi-Fi to the Ring app on your smartphone. It is designed specifically for apartment buildings where there is only one point of entry and only one entry phone for everyone.

With Ring Intercom installed, when someone calls your apartment, you can talk to your visitor and call them through the app. There is no video component – it is all audio – and there is no recording function.

Ring Intercom simply replicates the existing function of the phone but your mobile. The main advantage of this, therefore, is the possibility of talking to visitors and calling them from a distance, using your phone from anywhere or an Echo device if you’re at home.

The Ring intercom, which runs on batteries, by the way, is presented this week at the IFA fair in Berlin. It will be available first in the UK and then in Germany.with pre-orders starting September 28 and shipping scheduled for October 26.

Video intercom that is installed directly on the door peephole, Full HD sensor, two-way communication and night vision.

Ring, which is owned by Amazon, will sell the product at an introductory price of €89.99. Ring Intercom will be available in France, Spain and Italy in early 2023 and is scheduled to arrive in the United States next year

For all of us who work at home and do not listen to the telephone, this solution may be the ideal way to stop being left without receiving packages from Amazon.

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