Antena 3, leading TV for the 10th consecutive month with its best August in 8 years. Atresmedia TV is the leading group and laSexta, once again, beats its direct competitor competitor

Atresmedia TV reigns supreme in audiences and achieves a historic august by achieving the triple Crown also in this month: it is the leading group, despite having one channel less than its competitor, Antena 3, the leading network, and laSexta, the leader compared to its competitor.

Antenna 3 chain ten consecutive months as the most watched TV extending his best historical leadership streak. With a 13.4% market share, it posted its best August in 8 years and is +2.4 points behind its competitor. It is the chain that grew the most in the year and once again leads Prime Time (14%), this time for the 13th month, leading its direct rival in the prime time slot by almost +5 points, where it also leads the Commercial Target ( 12.4%), the most appreciated by advertisers during the hours of greatest consumption. In August, it dominates the majority of time slots: in addition to Prime Time, it wins Desktop (16.1%), Afternoon (13.7%) and Late Night (9.7%). It is, for yet another month, the channel with the most unique viewers, with close to 10.5 million each day, and the most time-shifted viewing.

East August achieves another audience milestone lead every day of the month and also stars in the 133 most viewed broadcasts. It demonstrates, one more month, the strength of its usual programming, achieving the leading news programs and the most watched programs and series of the month.

Antena 3 Noticias has 32 months of uninterrupted leadership, maintaining its resounding advantage over its competitor, +7.3 points, the highest since March and all its unbeaten editions, one more month. The chain’s entertainment also sweeps away the most watched programs: ‘Pasapalabra’, ‘La roulette de la luck’ and ‘El Hormiguero 16 years together’, all leaders as well as ‘Karlos Arguiñano’s Open Kitchen’ or ‘I see how you sing ‘ on Friday night. In the field of fiction, the channel also monopolizes the most watched ranking in August with ‘Infiel’, ‘Tierra amarga’, ‘Hermanos’ and ‘Amar es para siempre’, which also dominate the top of the most viewed free-to-air broadcasts deferred.

Atresmedia TV (26.3%), with one channel less than its competitor, is also the leading audience group with its best August since 2018. It also conquers the leadership in Prime Time (26.3%), widening the gap with its rival direct to +2.5 points. It is once again the Group that most people watch every day, with 15.9 million unique viewers, as well as the most time-shifted.

laSexta repeats as the 3rd most watched private channel with 5.2%, leader again over its competitor and it’s been 14 consecutive months. It also earns you another month in Commercial Target (6.3% vs. 5.8%). In August, ‘[email protected]’ gets up early on its return to the season and signs its best historical debut, being the first time that it starts the season as a leader.

As for the Atresmedia TV’s themes grow to its 2nd best figure of the year with a joint average of 7.7%. Nova stands out as the most watched women’s channel of the year and the most watched theme of the Group (2.3%) and Atreseries (2%) achieves its historical monthly maximum and continues to lead since its inception among the newly created themes, being, in addition, , the theme most watched on a deferred basis, also with an all-time high in this consumption (3.4%). ‘El Chiringuito de Jugones’ also stands out, returning to Mega as the leader of the theme night, while in Neox (2%) it rises to its 2nd best result of the year.

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