Appiah’s future seems to materialize… away from Malaga

A new movement has been related to the Almeria Sports Union, but this time there is talk of a way out. Not all the movements were going to be signings. Now the club proposes the transfer of Arvin Appiahwho had been linked in recent hours with the Malaga CF. other team of LaLiga Smartbank It seems that it will be done with their services.

This is how they finally pointed it out Mario Gomez and the companions of Indalic Sound. The Almeria club proposes the player’s departure, that is a fact. Ruby does not count on him and hopes that he can give a certain explosion outside the YOU Almeria. He is still young, he is only 21 years old and he still has several things to prove. The club that is behind the English is the C.D. Tenerife.

The Canary Islands could be a perfect destination for the player, since the team was on the verge of promotion last year to First division. The Girona was imposed precisely on the fiefdom of the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez 1-3, thus sealing his promotion to the highest category of Spanish football. Now they want to improve and finally get promoted and for that, they want to have Arvin Appiah.


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