Apple passes Europe, iPhone 14 Pro, without charger and without USB-C?

There is very little left for him. apple launch event, called Far out, in which we hope you will show the new iPhone 14, Pro and Pro Max, along with other products. Next September 7th will be when it happens and we will be waiting for the official details. Meanwhile, some bad news has just been leaked regarding the charger of the futures iPhone 14 Pro Y ProMax.

The current iPhone 13s have been well received by the public and critics, as is normal for any Apple release. These have the A15 Bionic chip that, curiously, will be used in the future iPhone 14 as we have already said in other leaks. Instead, the Pro models and Pro Max represent a leap in power and efficiency when using the new A16 Bionic chipbeside other improvements like the camera or the battery. Not only that, because the latest rumors in the sector announce that there will be charger changes of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

The iPhone 14 Pro charger will be Lightning and will not come with the mobile

According to duanruia well-known Apple leaker, the future charger of the iPhone 14 Pro would be 30W. This would leave it in the same place as the 30W PD chargers that we can use in the current iPhone 13 Pro. However, it has also been confirmed that the 30W charger will come with Lightning interface and i could use the GaN technology to have a very compact size. This information shocks us, because as we well know, Europe has imposed a harsh normative for all Apple products to adopt and use the standard USB-C.

In fact, Apple has already converted some of its devices, such as iPads, to the new standard. However, everything indicates that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will not ditch Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector so easily. Although this sounds like good news, it is not for several reasons, starting with the fact that it has been shown that using Lightning you only get to one maximum peak of 27W (9V 3A).

On the other hand, and even worse, is that this 30W charger will not be included with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Maxbut consumers will have to buy it separately. Though It would not be the first time that Apple does this, since it has already stopped including chargers and headphones from the iPhone 12 of 2020.

Apple expects to ship 90 million iPhone 14s in 2022

Rumors about Apple do not end here, as an analyst known as Daniel Ives speculates that Apple has plans to make a initial order of 90 million units of his series iPhone 14. And it is that, it expects to reach this number of shipments during the remainder of 2022. In addition, there is a clear focus of the company in favor of the Pro and Pro Max models, seeing that these increasingly offer more things than their standard version.

That yes, while the price of the iPhone 14 normal will be the samethe one of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will increase up to 100 dollars compared to the current ones. And it is that, it is time to pay for the new components and for the increase in their cost. In exchange, we will take a cell phone with a bigger screen with technology ProMotiona 48 MP main cameraa A16 Bionic chipa memory RAM LPDDR5 and a larger battery.

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