Apple registers three new names for its virtual reality glasses

The bitten apple has been behind the development of augmented reality glasses for some time. He is getting closer to the goal and we could see very soon these devices in which he has invested so much time. However, every device must have the name and it seems that the company has registered no less than three names for this device.

Three names for Apple’s virtual reality glasses

Names often change and a lot in the world of technology. This is due to the fact that the different companies first put a code name and then give the final name to the product they are working on. This is normal, but it is much more interesting when it comes to the first version of the device.

And this is the point where many users find themselves with the introduction of a new device that will open the doors of virtual reality to Apple. Those from Cupertino have been working for a long time on the development of virtual reality glasses that we have heard a lot about. It seems that today the new virtual reality glasses from Apple could finally be named.

Specifically, for what they count in Bloomberg, there are three names that the device could have. What happens is that they would correspond to no less than three different products. The first would be RealityOne, which would be the glasses in their most basic model. He would follow none other than Reality Pro, which would be an improved version of the device. The last and not less important already leaves everything shown with what would be the Reality Processor.

It must be remembered that the company has presented its own development kit with nothing less than an M2 chip and 16 GB so that users have an idea of ​​​​the potential, that with this in mind we would be in front of one of the most important chips in the current segment. graphically.

We will still have to wait to know all the details of the company, specifically until next year, when it is expected that the firm itself will definitively launch its own terminal with these characteristics. Until then, all the information regarding this device will be welcome, which, as we told you before, will be key to the future of the bitten apple.

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