Apple trademarks the name of its next mixed reality headset, Reality One

Apple has patented the name of one of its upcoming releases, the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) glasses, which will presumably bear the name of Reality One.

According to the company’s roadmapApple plans to market this mixed reality headset as a high-end product in 2023. However, at this time of development there have been problems with certain details of the device.

Among them, there have been faults in the camera sensors, the ‘software’ and overheating, reason why it would have postponed its official launch.

The company has recently taken a step forward in this process, since three registration requests in total.

One of them is Reality One, which would be destined for the final device. However, these documents alsoThere are variants such as Reality Pro and Reality Processor, as recently advanced by Bloomberg.

According to this medium, Reality Processor could refer to a specialized high-resolution VR and AR graphics processor and intended for this product, which is expected to use the self-developed M2 chip with 16 GB of internal memory.

The technology company has not carried out the requests, but has used one of the usual strategies in this type of action. To do this, he has counted cWith the collaboration of lawyers to block the denominations of these patents and thus ensure their commercial rights, instead of having to buy them from another holder afterwards.

This medium has pointed out that the registration of these patents has been carried out in different countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay, as well as throughout the European Union.

At this time, these registration requests have not been approved, so there is no guarantee that future Apple products will be released under that name.

It should be remembered that Apple registered a new operating system called realityOS in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) a few months ago.

In some captures shared by the it was possible to see how this brand would encompass different categories, such as ‘hardware’ for laptops, ‘software’ or peripherals.

Nevertheless, this was not the first time that the name of Reality was known, since the patent was filed at the end of 2021, just two months before the operating system began to appear in the brand’s source code.

Likewise, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced that the second generation of his smart glasses would be composed

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