September arrives with great force Aquarius, and for you, this change of month is the perfect incentive to start something from scratch, it is the boost you needed to mark again the first day of the rest of your life. You are special and you end up transmitting that light to others with force. You have reset a lot this time ago, you have had a thousand doubts in your head, you have felt how many people perhaps had not treated you as you should and that has made you have priorities too.

It is likely that a family matter this month will stress you out a lot and make you reconsider certain things. But Aquarius comes out of everything. OF EVERYTHING.

If you have tensions with yourself and conflicts about your needs, about what you really want, or there are too many demands and obligations from things that do not fill you 100×100, you will end up being very overwhelmed. And you can feel that somehow they limit you and put you (or you put) obstacles and obstacles all the time.

Having stability and certain routines gives Aquarius security, and for you this is very important. But if you start to fall into monotony you stop being happy. You have to find a middle ground, you have to have your free and spontaneous plans within that stability. Do not go to extremes, do not let yourself be dragged into them by people with whom you are not really happy, Aquarius.

In love, Aquarius opportunities arise, whether you have a partner or not. If you have it, communication will be especially important, friendship will come first and you will understand each other in an incredible way, it is as if each one were able to perceive the emotions of the other without having to speak, without having to say anything, especially of September 13-25 when the Venus-Uranus trine forms that will affect you without a doubt like the most.

If you do not have a stable partner, it is very possible that you will find someone on a getaway or at some important event, in a meeting or on a trip very soon. Do not want to run Aquarius, let everything mature slowly and set if it has to set. No hurries. No expectations. Do not sacrifice your individuality, do not sacrifice your independence plus Aquarius. Happy September.

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