Aubameyang speaks for the first time after the robbery: “They are violent cowards”

The Gabonese striker FC Barcelona Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang broke his silence and affirmed the assault suffered last Sunday by “some violent cowards” who they entered his house Y they “threatened” his family and childrenin addition to injuring his jaw, a feeling of insecurity in his own home “hard to understand”.

“Sunday night, some violent cowards they entered our house and threatened my family and my children, just to steal some things. My jaw was injured but I’ll recover in no time. the feeling of not being safe in your own home it is difficult to understand and describe,” Aubameyang explained on his social networks this Wednesday.

The Gabonese thanked the support received. “As a family we are going to overcome it and we will show ourselves stronger than ever. Thank you very much for the support, it is very important for us”, added the Barça attacker.

After the robbery and the blows received in the jaw, Aubameyang could be out for more than a month, which would complicate the negotiations for his departure of the ‘culé’ entity before the transfer market ends this Thursday, according to ‘The Athletic’.

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