Bananas, cookies or meat, WhatsApp presents its new update

Mark Zuckerberg is still trying to breathe life into WhatsApp so that the application does not lose users. In view of the stagnation of Facebook and the competition that it entails TikTok for Instagram, he has decided to bet almost everything on WhatsApp… and the metaverse.

Agreement with JioMart

This week Meta announced an agreement with JioMart, an Indian e-commerce company. The purpose is that users can start a conversation with the company from WhatsApp and add products to a shopping cart without leaving the app. This innovation has been possible thanks to the fact that Meta already has a payment system in the India.

He says Zuckerberg it is the first experience end to end, that is, it goes from vendor to customer without going through other intermediaries. The products appear in WhatsApp by categories in a similar way to that of a website.

Spain is an important market for WhatsApp, but much more so is the India where they also use this messaging system above any other. With this novelty, Meta will try to position itself as the engine of the digital transformation of India and WhatsApp will be the first experience of many people when it comes to to buy by Internet.

The experience in India will be important because it represents a market of almost a billion people, of which almost 400 million use this messaging system. If the experience is good, Meta will expand the agreements with other food companies in the countries where its services are most used, such as Latin America or Eastern Europe.

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