Banks develop their digital services to facilitate access to the elderly

Santander, Caixabank and Bankiter are some of the financial institutions that have had digital offers for years that are tailored to the needs of the elderly. The promotion and development of banking products and services is achieved thanks to consultancies such as Minsait, a company concerned with offering solutions and facilitating universal accessibility.

In recent years, banking has undergone a radical change marked by the digitization of its services with bets that improve data management, multichannel or the use of tools to make its internal processes more efficient and offer more connected services to customers every time. more accustomed to digitization.

In this situation, adapting the new tools to the most senior people is key and there are already several banking entities that adjust their portfolio of services to accompany the elderly.

Banco Santander, for example, has an adapted application so that senior customers can make use of digitized banking services, avoiding the technological gap that they often suffer. This tool has a more basic view of the products. In addition, it facilitates the possibility of managing them and seeing the latest movements. It also has a specific security area, from where you can make payments and cancel direct debits easily and safely. The application also gives preference to the most senior clientele when it comes to being served remotely.

On the other hand, Caixabank offers tutorial videos on its website on how to use the application or carry out transactions through its website. In addition, they accompany users in the process of requesting an appointment for any query, ensuring that waiting times are limited and they can be attended at the best time for them.

Bankinter has also been adapting its digital offer to the needs of people over 65 years of age for years. The bank’s strategy is based on constant improvement in the quality of its customer service, with programs such as “a bank for everyone”, which has made its physical and digital channels accessible to all audiences.

This is possible thanks to great technology companies such as Minsait, a leading company in digital transformation, which offers solutions tailored to the most demanding population and has proposals for development in key areas such as personalized attention, adapted omnichannel or the provision of services. Banks use these large consulting firms to continue advancing in adapting their services to the new digital world without forgetting the needs of this population.

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