Baskonia does not look at the passport when it comes to closing its squad

“The thirteenth player will be the best player we can bring”. That’s how clear and resounding Félix Fernández has been this morning during the presentation of Daulton Hommes. The Barça sports director wanted to make it clear that Baskonia will not be pending the passport of the reinforcement with which the Baskonia squad would be closed. If the player who best suits what they are looking for is from outside the community, then the Gasteiz squad will go for him, despite the fact that right now these two chips are already covered with Hommes himself and with Howard.

Baskonia would already look for solutions to be able to adapt to the fact of having three non-community players in its squad. What is clear is that the club continues to search the market in search of that reinforcement with which to put the icing on the squad and this “does not have to be community”, as Félix Fernández himself has clarified this morning before the media.

The club, as the sports director has revealed, “is aware” of all market situations. Baskonia follows with a magnifying glass the possible discards of the NBA, European leagues and the G-League, in order to find that thirteenth player who would complete the squad. At the moment, there is not much progress, as Félix Fernández has pointed out. “We continue in that tracking work process. You have to be patient,” he has meant.

Discards in the ACB or get a passport

Taking into account that perhaps the best reinforcement does not have a community passport, Baskonia is already contemplating possible solutions given the fact that it would have three non-community files and in the ACB only two can be occupied. In this case, it would be necessary to make calls and make some discards, while in the Euroleague there would be no such problem, since the maximum continental competition does not impose a limit on non-EU citizens.

Another option is to get a community passport, something that is being worked on. “The passport thing is always something that is present. Not only with Daulton, but in other cases too to be able to get better options”, revealed the person in charge of putting together the Baskonia squad.

Baskonia works on the renovation of Rokas Giedraitis Alex Larretxi

On the other hand, regarding the Rokas Giedraitis renovationFélix Fernández has highlighted that both parties are confident of reaching an agreement. “We are optimistic and so is he”. “We have time to work on him during the season, but his predisposition is good,” he added in this regard.


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