BBVA launches a free online training platform for young customers in Spain


BBVA has signed an agreement with the Spanish company specializing in educational technology Foxize School to launch a free online training content platform (‘e-learning’) in Spain, available to the bank’s new young customers who decide to sign up for the Aqua debit card , with the aim of improving their employability, as announced on Tuesday.

The training offered by BBVA Learning Experience is valued at 250 euros and includes nearly 40 hours of online training and two webinars aimed at improving access to the first work experience.

On the one hand, the platform currently has a catalog of twenty online courses. The available courses are classified into three main themes: data culture, digital marketing and ‘soft skills’, all of them with the aim that young people acquire optimal skills for the world of work and explore new fields that can open professional doors for them.

Upon completion of the course, the student will obtain a digital certificate that can be included in the curriculum vitae or shared on the LinkedIn professional network.

On the other hand, the platform will offer two free webinars for new young clients with the aim of helping them enter the world of work and adopt good practices that help them function correctly in their first jobs.

The first of these seminars, available in the second fortnight of September, will be entitled ‘Your winning resume to always have an interview: Introduce yourself and receive a call’, while the second, open at the beginning of November, will address the importance of personal brand when looking for a job. Both will be taught by the founder and CEO of, Sergio Farré.

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