Be Mad completely restructures its failed programming and becomes a movie-themed channel

After years stagnant and broadcasting almost exclusively programs already released on other channels, Be Mad seeks to become the new Paramount Channel and dedicate its programming entirely to cinema. This 180ΒΊ turn starts with a movie marathon about Ancient Rome. This will kick off a list of more than 200 titles that he already has in the chamber, after his agreements with Disney, Warner, Universal or Sony. The channel encourages its viewers to rank the channel at number 7 of your remote control, as a reference to the seventh art.

After six years in broadcast, Be Mad has never really taken off. In its beginnings it was announced as a channel directed “to an urban, commercial, intrepid audience with cultural concerns” or “the first free-to-air male information channel in HD”. However, she soon passed devote himself almost entirely to rerunswith very few of its own programs such as ‘convince me‘, presented by Mercedes Milabe the best‘ either ‘wild river‘.

'Wild River' by Be Mad

‘Wild River’ by Be Mad

Now, after years in decline, Be Mad is looking to become the new movie-themed channel. The start date of this new stage is September 1, baptized as “Imperium Day”in which the titles “Augustus”, “Nero”, “Barabbas” and “Gladiator“Other classics that will be broadcast to be relaunched in this new strategy are “apocalypse now“, “Encounters in the Third Phase“, “Basic Instinct“, “Lawrence of Arabia“, the saga of “Planet of the Apes“, “Batman”, “The Bridge on the River Kwai“, “Shark” either “the goonies“.

How Be Mad will be organized

In addition, the contents will be divided into certain categories, depending on the genre they deal with: CineMad Paradisofor movie classics, Mad in Spaindedicated to Spanish cinema, hollybloodfor horror or suspense movies, actionmadwhere action movies or thrillers will be broadcast, Wow Des-Mad-Re! for comedy, galaxy 7in the case of science fiction, Locaventuras for adventure films, DirectedBywhich seems aimed at documentaries or making of about filmmaking, and everyone in the room, dedicated to family cinema. the future will tell if this profound change will serve to bring Be Mad out of oblivion and to contribute to lift Mediaset from a decline in which the chain has been mired for some time.

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