Best hotels of the summer in profitability: those of 5 stars and 1 star

Five-star hotels and one-star hotels have obtained the best profitability figures during the summer 2022in terms of increments of the average daily rate (ADR) and the RevPar compared to July 2019, before the pandemicas reflected in the INE data.

The following infographic is interactive and you can also download the data.


As we can see in the interactive infographic, the hotels that achieved a best occupancy rate during the month of July were the establishments of four stars, with 75% of the places occupied.

In contrast, 5-star hotels had somewhat lower occupancy rates, at 68%. For their part, 1-star hotels had 54% occupancy during the month of July.


However, if we focus on other indicators of hotel profitability and we compare the data with those of the summer before the pandemicphotography is full of nuances.

So this summer five star hotels They have been the ones that have increased their average daily rate the most compared to the results they obtained before the pandemic. Specifically, its ADR has stood at 275 euroswhich means a 27% increase compared to July 2019.

In the case of hotels a starits ADR has been 80 euros this month of July, 22% more compared to the summer before the pandemic.

On the other hand, the ADR in four and three-star hotels has risen somewhat less, by 15%.

In any case, it must also be taken into account that the increase in prices this summer is also due in part to the rising costs compared to three years ago.

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rev par

On the other hand, if we take as reference the revenue per available roomwe will see that the largest increases in Revpar compared to July 2019 have been registered in the categories of five stars (+20%) and one star (+33%).

These growth rates are above those obtained by four-star hotels (+13.7%), three and two stars (+14%).


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