Bolsonaro loses his web domain, which now defines him as “a threat to Brazil”

The worst propaganda of the candidate Jair Bolsonaro in his re-election race is on his own website, where the former Army captain has lost the web domain ‘’.

The Brazilian president and his personal communication team, led by his son Carlos Bolsonaro, lost the account, bought and taken over by an anti-Bolsonarist businessman, the new owner. According to the left-wing portal, Jornalistas Livres (Free Journalists), the Bolsonaro clan lost control on January 25, when that address was bought by businessman Gabriel Baggio Thomaz.

The page, which showed actions by the Bolsonaro government, became on August 11 a gallery of satire and criticism against the president, whom he calls “A threat to Brazil.” On a very well organized page it is possible to see caricatures that compare Bolsonaro to Adolf Hitler, and show him leading a cattle as if it were his army. “Ganado” is the word that his opponents use to refer to his militancy, for not questioning anything and blindly obeying the president they call ‘myth’.

“Bolsonaro has never hidden that he is authoritarian. In his three decades as a politician, he has always supported violence, stupidity and the breakdown of the democratic order,” publishes the page in the cartoon gallery that has other subtitles, including: “The rise of neo-fascism threatens the world.”

The page also shows Bolsonaro, declared homophobic, kissing personalities, such as the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, or former US president Donald Trump, leaders he admires. The opposition press, and the Brazilians who do not support him, took advantage of the carelessness of the Bolsonaros to make fun of Carlos, Bolsonaro’s second son, who was targeted as the strategist of his campaign on social networks, the same one that helped bring him to the presidency. in 2018. Called by the father – who lists his children -, as “02”, Carlos Bolsonaro is also considered the engine of the Fake News distributed on social networks due to his militancy, and investigated by the electoral court.

Jair has even stated among friends that he fears for Carlos’ freedom if he is not re-elected at the polls in October. Carlos’s risk of imprisonment is high, because about a month after the first vote, Bolsonaro is still in second place in the polls, 12 points behind the favorite, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. While Bolsonaro is in office, he has intervened on the independence of institutions such as the Federal Police and the Republic Prosecutor’s Office.

On Bolsonaro’s page, Carlos appears in a caricature dressed as a baby, sucking on a bottle, while his father is represented as a demon. “Pay attention, Carlucho!”, “Wake up Carlucho!”, were some of the phrases that went viral on the internet on Wednesday, when Brazilians discovered the page. According to columnist Guilherme Amado, from the Metropolis portal, Carlos Bolsonaro not only forgot to pay for his father’s web domain, but also his own, where he published information about his life as a councilor in Rio de Janeiro.

At the end, the page reminds: “This site is not managed or owned by the Bolsonaro family.” The president has lost an important domain for his electoral battle.


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