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This Monday, August 15, British Airways, the largest of the IAG group airlines, which includes Iberia and Vueling, will once again sell short-haul tickets to Europe, from Heathrow, its first airport. For two weeks he had suspended these sales due to the imposition of a cap at the London airport (British Airways suspends ticket sales at Heathrow).

The suspension of ticket sales was an extreme measure to limit airport operations. Now, according to the airline, flights will continue to be limited, but through other techniques than the suspension of sales.

Heathrow airport, overwhelmed in its operation, imposed a limit of one hundred thousand passengers a day. The first airline user of Heathrow airport is British Airways, also the first victim of the chaos generated. Its way of reducing operations consisted of suspending sales and, consequently, relocating travelers who already had tickets on flights that were still being operated, some of them from Gatwick airport.

The company will now sell again, but travelers will no longer find themselves with the same offer as before, but will have already adapted to the one hundred thousand passengers at the airport, where British Airways is only responsible for a part.

This same weekend, the airport management publicly said that the capacity limitation was being a success and that it was now possible to comply with the flight plan without the cancellations that affected the London terminal at the end of July.

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