C. Tangana surprises by sharing a photo of his girlfriend on social networks

C. Tangana and his girlfriend, Chilean photographer Rocío Aguirre, They met in a bar three years ago, and despite having been in a relationship for several years, the artist is wary of showing facets of his private life in public, which obviously includes his partner.

in the profile of Instagram of El Madrileño, where he has 1.7 million followers, there are snapshots related to his work projects such as shootingsconcerts, video clips either posed with colleagues.

However, the interpreter you stopped loving me has made an exception in his storieswhere one has uploaded image of his girlfriend in a restaurant during your vacation as a couple.

‘Story’ by C.Tangana.

Both are enjoying a romantic getaway to the Italian city of Naples, a pretext that the singer has used to show his girlfriend while they wait for their food to be served, she with a look very similar to Anton She wears black sunglasses and a blue outfit with very summery yellow dots, with a gray top.

The photographer, for her part, does show on her Instagram account more snapshots of her boyfriend professional and also more casual.

From magazine covers, but with certain shades of declaration of intent: “How would Shakira addicted to you but always addicted to work“.

Until moments belonging to the private sphere of the couple, where they pose quite caramelized: “Happy birthday ‘beibi’. You make me feel like my love heart is going to explode.”

Rocío also hints, to her more than 46 thousand followers on Instagram, that she also has that certain cheekiness and irreverent humor that characterizes her boy: “A goya won me”.


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