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Canine Breed Profile – Greyhound

Canine Breed Profile – Greyhound


There are conflicting opinions concerning the origin of the Greyhound, from the Celts who believed they got here from Greece, to the Romans who believed they got here from Gaul (in Western Europe), with many alternative opinions.

There are historic pictures that date again to 6000 BC. within the metropolis of Catal-Huyuk in present-day Turkey, depicting canines of a kind similar to sighthounds. Pictures from 4000 BC. discovered on a burial vessel in Iran additionally depict greyhound-like canines, suggesting these canines had been held in excessive esteem. Historical artists tended to depict solely pictures of spiritual or social significance.


Greyhounds have a particularly elegant and sleek look; skinny but additionally sturdy. They’re propelled by a particularly sturdy rear finish; once they run, it appears to be like easy and actually stunning.

It’s a pleasure to observe these canines run round, with their lengthy necks and faces set towards their lengthy, slender builds.

Greyhounds are available all kinds of colours; Black, pink, white, blue, fawn, fallow, brindle or any of those colours interrupted by white


Regardless of what most individuals suppose, these canines will be actual sofa potatoes! Though they’re able to brief bursts of velocity of as much as 64 km/h, they don’t seem to be blessed with nice endurance, so love coming residence from rides and sleeping!

They’re wonderful pets; form and delicate with their households and really affectionate. They could be a little aloof with strangers, however by no means imply.

Nevertheless, their historical past have to be remembered; they had been bred for path and racing and due to this fact are inclined to chase and catch small issues; this will likely embrace small canines, cats and different small pets. They have to be very fastidiously socialized with smaller canines and excessive care have to be taken round cats.


With their brief coat, they may solely want minimal grooming time.


Two 20 minute walks a day are sufficient for these canines – they particularly like to return residence to calm down after their walkies!! Nice care have to be taken leaving these canines off leash – until they’re EXTREMELY effectively skilled they’re prone to run off and chase any small transferring factor – and at 40 mph there is no such thing as a no likelihood you possibly can catch them!!

Well being issues

Greyhounds will be vulnerable to harm once they expel their pent up power! They do not actually endure from genetic ailments; they could be a little delicate to treatment, though vets ought to pay attention to this if treating them.

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