Cavani and Maxi’s Monday

Valencianism has grown tired of hearing about Maxi Gómez and Edinson Cavani in the last fortnight. The two strikers of the Uruguayan team, one contrasted and the other fighting for a place in the World Cup, have been the names of the last few weeks because for one to arrive, the other had to leave. That at least was what seemed to have to happen, but in reality in the end it will be the other way around, because Maxi is going to end up listening to offers because the club went after Cavani on Thursday whether or not he was still at the Maxi club.

That has been the key for Cavani to be a few fringes away from becoming a Valencianista for the next two seasons. The club went all out for the Uruguayan last Thursday afternoon, when Peter Lim authorized making that two-year offer whether or not Maxi Gómez was on the squad. Since Thursday the positions have been getting closer, until yesterday, Sunday afternoon, the situation was already in the process of exchanging contracts to vary and modify small details.

Yesterday, Sunday, an agreement was reached with the player for the amounts to be received in the second year, which was the obstacle that had stopped the total agreement last Friday and Saturday. However, yesterday andhe club made a move and worked throughout Sunday until at the last minute Documentation began to be exchanged to finalize the negotiation, something that should be closed this Monday and that because there is a game it is possible that it will be postponed to this Tuesday, in terms of official status.

The Valencia CF He has always been the Uruguayan’s first option in recent weeks, especially since Gattuso told him that he wanted to have him in his sports project. Because that was what Cavani was looking for, a sports project and also a city with a magnificent quality of life like Valencia after the cold of Manchester and Paris.


The arrival of Cavani about to close has caused Maxi Gomez changed his mind and decided to listen to the offers he had on the table to get out. Last week, the club opened the door for him to even leave on loan to make room for Cavani, but finally it seems that he will accept the offer to go transferred to Fenerbahçe.

The Turks have waited until the end of the market to make the final offer and that has already arrived. The Mestalla club was clear that no one would pay the 12 million that remain to be amortized by the striker and that is why they had designed a sale based on a fixed price, plus bonuses and a percentage of a future sale. And this is the structure of Fenerbahçe’s offer, which offers six million plus some bonuses, which are around 2 million, plus 20% of the future sale of the player.

The footballer knows that he has other interests in Italy, such as the Salernitana, but they have not convinced him and they would not pay him the 2.6 net that he earns at Valencia CF. For this reason, the player seems determined to listen to the Turkish club and search in Istanbul for the minutes that he was no longer going to have at Mestalla, after a totally unfortunate step through the Valencian club, where he arrived as a star in the summer of 2019 and after doing 30 goals in two seasons at Celta. This Monday can and should be the day of the Uruguayans.

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