Cayetano leaves the Tarazona bullring on the shoulders

Cayetano Rivera left this Monday on the shoulders of the Plaza de Tarazona, after getting two ears and overcoming a strong blow one of his bulls, the fourth, which left him bleeding from the nose. His triple companions, Juan Ortega and Emilio de Justo left with one ear and empty, respectively.

Just, that replaced the first of the ranks and injured, Roca Reyat the San Atilano Bullfighting Fair, had to deal with the worst batch of bulls from Núñez de Tarifa, who were unequal in presentation and play.

It so happens that Cayetano Rivera’s work opened the big door for the second consecutive day. On Sunday, the day of the reopening of the turiasonense bullring after nine years of partition, they also triumphantly left the Plaza Ferrera (who pardoned one of his enemies), Garrido, the rejoneador Hermoso de Mendoza and the owner of the plazain what ended up being a historic afternoon.

Rivera was limited to getting rid of his first, which was invalid. In the fourth, Cayetano triumphed, although not without incident as a strong onslaught forced the right-hander to reposition himself after a somersault that left him bleeding from the nose. The incident did not prevent the right-hander from winning two trophies.

Juan Ortega, for his part, left with an ear after a class chore on the sixth and last afternoon.

Fewer options had Emilio de Justo, who was lucky to have a lot without options. Even so, the man from Extremadura tried by all means and received two standing ovations.


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