Cayetano Rivera, restless to receive medical news and assume that he could lose everything

Cayetano Rivera He has not been able to hide his concern when receiving the last medical report from his cousin, Rivera Channels. And it is that, the seriousness of his health condition can make him lose everything he had.

This Friday, August 26, the program Save me He interrupted his broadcast to announce the worst news. “We have just received news about our colleague, Canales Rivera. He had a bullfight this afternoon in a town in Ciudad Real and has been caught,” said one of the editors.


Cayetano Rivera’s cousin came Bullfighting Festival which was held in the bullring of Retuerta del Bullaque, but what was least expected is that, before finishing the task, he was going to have to leave the ring urgently.

“He had to be transferred to a hospital in the ICU and the images that we have been able to see are worrying due to the nature of the incident.”

Now, Cayetano and Francisco Rivera They are very aware of the medical part of the Telecinco collaborator. And it is that, after what happened to their father Paquirri, the brothers have not been able to avoid worrying.

Cayetano Rivera is very worried about his cousin

Cayetano Rivera couldn’t help but worry about Rivera Channels learning of the seriousness of the accident. And it is that, according to him has transcended the media, the right-hander has had to be transferred to the General University Hospital of Ciudad Real, after the goring affected his testicular area.

“We are trying to talk to his family so they can tell us how he is because the information that reaches us is that he has even had to undergo surgery on the way to the hospital.”

Jose Antonio Canals Rivera


Moments later, new information reached the newsroom of Save me. “He will arrive around 10 at night, since the ambulance, where they are giving him an emergency cure, has to go very slowly.”

And it is that, the distance to this medical center has also been a handicap, since, the hospital to which he was transferred Cayetano Rivera’s cousin It was 90 kilometers from the Plaza de Todos where this misfortune occurred.

Finally, and despite the fact that the fuck was classified by several witnesses as “shocking”, it seems that everything has been a scare. Minutes later, they announced from the program where Canales Rivera works that his partner was out of danger and that the wound “is not serious.”

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Cayetano Rivera finds out about the news

Cayetano Rivera He has been much calmer after learning all the news that revolves around the accident that his cousin suffered inside the ring.

This Saturday, August 27, just 24 hours before the bullfight, Jose Antonio Canales Rivera’s girlfriend He assured the media that the bullfighter “is fine” and that “he is already on the ground.”

Canales Rivera with a serious face in a photocall

| Europe Press

For its part, Theresa Rivera wanted to speak directly to the program where his son works. Thanks to Chelo Garcia-Cortez, Cayetano Rivera has been able to know the current state in which the right-hander is.

“He told me that the goring was not as serious as everyone thought and that the wound has been completely cleaned. It is an area with a lot of blood, but he is a fighter and he comes out of it,” said the journalist.

Now, it seems that everything has gone smoothly. And it is that, just two days after receiving the goring, Canales Rivera has already been discharged from hospital.

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