Ceva provides solutions for pig production at the Zero Zinc Summit 2022

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) He decided prohibit the use of zinc oxide in therapeutic concentrations for the treatment of pigs from July 1, 2022.

The logic behind this ban is based on the premise that the risks of this heavy metal to the environment outweigh the benefits of zinc oxide for mitigating diarrhea and the edema disease after weaning.

According to Ceva Animal Healththe weaning of piglets without the use of zinc is a challenge now faced by all European pig farmers.

To address this challenge, the ‘Zero Zinc Summit‘ was held on June 22-23 in Copenhagen, giving researchers, veterinarians and producers the opportunity to review alternative strategies on how to wean piglets without the use of zinc and with minimal use of antibiotics in the weaning period, maintaining animal welfare, minimal environmental impact and high productivity.

Ceva attended the summit and contributed significantly to answering these questions. Two posters were presented on the treatment of iron deficiency and coccidiosis in the lactation period to ensure stable and well-developed piglets at weaning, period highly stressful for the animals.

Three other posters of Ceva together with its collaborating partner la ‘Free University Berlin‘ addressed the high prevalence of Shiga toxin (up to 50%) in pig farms and the risk factors that an outbreak is more likely when strategies without zinc oxide and with low consumption of antibiotics are used.

Thus, they affirm that the need to replace these protocols with updated strategies was highlighted, such as improvements in management and vaccination against edema disease offered by Ceva with ecoporc shigaShiga toxin toxoid vaccine.


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