Charlene de Monaco narrates her delicate situation in the first person: “It’s difficult”

I went through a very difficult timebut I was lucky to be supported and loved by my husband, my children and my familyfrom whom I draw all my strength”. This phrase could summarize the fifteen most difficult months in the life of Charlene de Monaco. Concern for the Monegasque princess was extreme a year ago, when she was forced to disappear from public life. On February 9, 2021, she disappeared. And until she reappeared on April 30, 2022, the question of ‘what’s going on with Charlene?’ paralyzed the Principality.

Charlene de Monaco is honest about her marriage to Alberto and the “rumors” about her health

Throughout that long year without a ‘royal’ agenda, everything was said. Until her husband, Prince Albert of Monaco, had no choice but to explain her status and whereabouts. It all started during a trip to South Africa, her country of origin, which took longer than expected. A severe ear, nose and throat infection was the beginning of a long chain of misfortunes that made Charlene go through the operating room several times and that her mental health was broken.

I went through a very difficult time, but I was lucky to be supported and loved by my husband, my children and my family.

A “profound physical and emotional exhaustion”textual words that they used to define their problem, caused their admission to a prestigious European clinic that became their residence for a long time, the time necessary to resume their professional activity and recover emotionally from this pothole for which they put themselves in the hands of professionals.

A “long, difficult and painful road” that she herself, Charlene herself, has been commissioned to narrate in a long-awaited interview for the South African magazine News 24 which has been echoed by the Monaco Tribune.

Although she does not want to “go too fast” and is carefully selecting her public appearances (the most recent, a visit with her husband to Pope Francis), the princess has claimed to be “calmer”a huge step in this complex process. “Much stronger physically”Charlene is “totally dedicated” to her present and future personal projects, although their priority is “the needs of their children” Jacques and Gabriellein which it is overturned.

My daily life revolves around them. They have been very busy with their activities, such as sailing, their courses on the marine environment, as well as their initiations to diving and sea rescue”. But this fact of growing up as two ‘normal’ children does not mean that being called Grimaldi does not confer on them some obligations of those who have to be very aware, also now: “I think it is important that they become aware from an early age, that they know that our environment is fragile and that it is necessary to respect it and preserve it through small actions”.


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