China condemns the passage of two US warships through the Taiwan Strait

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China condemned this Monday the “provocation” of USA after what Washington will send two warships to the Strait of Taiwan.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has warned that the US Navy’s action it is not a “commitment to freedom of navigation”but one provocation in search of “uncontrolled freedom”.

The operation occurs just four weeks after the president of the US Legislature, Nancy Pelosi, carried out a quick visit to taipei despite previous warnings from Beijing, unleashing a crisis in the strait and causing military maneuvers around the island.

Beijing accuses Washington of undermining “peace and stability”

The spokesman for the Ministry has also pointed out that with the passage of the two US cruise ships through the Taiwan Strait, the United States is seeking “deliberately undermine regional peace and stability.”

Zhao has also called on the United States to “stop distort the ‘one China’ principle“supported by the North American country and has demanded that the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of other nations be “respectful”.

Shortly after this navigation operation became known, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense has confirmed a new approach of Chinese Army warships and fighter jets to its maritime and air safety zone.

Official visits to Taiwan

The navigation through the Taiwan Strait of two warships of the US Navy this Sunday has provoked criticism from China, which in recent weeks has also rejected the already recurring official visits by United States congressmen to the island.

A delegation from the US Congress arrives in Taiwan amid tension with China

Among them was the highly commented visit by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, to which China responded by launching a series of military exercises over several days which included the launch of ballistic missiles in six areas surrounding Taiwan.


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