Concern for the state of health of Bernardo Pantoja after re-admission to the hospital due to an infection

For days there has been much talk about the state of health of Bernardo Pantoja. It has been in the program ‘Sálvame Diario’ where the last hour of the father of Anabel Pantojawhich has angered the influencer to the point of refusing to participate in the program to send a message of support to Nacho Palau in these delicate moments due to the lung cancer that he suffers from.

This Wednesday, the reporter Jose Antonio Leon has reported the concern that exists again in the environment of the brother of Isabel Pantoja to root Bernardo’s last admission, the cause of which was an infection.

Information that has unleashed all the alarms because for a few days the delicate state of health in which he finds himself has been known, but nobody imagined that he would again have to go through the hospital in such a rush.

Meanwhile, Anabel Pantoja is currently in the Canary Islands, enjoying the tranquility of her single home after having lived a dream summer with her new partner, Yulen Pereira. And it is that What annoyed the collaborator the most is that the concern she has for her father was questioned.


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