count their hours to leave Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti he has very clear ideas and there is not going to be anyone who is going to change them at this point in his sports career. The Italian coach celebrates the new signings that have taken place so much this season with Tchouameni and Rüdiger, as in the past with the figure of Camavinga, because they are footballers who are counting on minutes in one way or another at this start of the competition. However, the coach’s finger points directly and to the detriment of others two players whom he is leaving completely ostracized during these first weeks of the course, such as Marco Asensio and Eden Hazard.

The lack of protagonism of both both in the European Super Cup as in the first day of the league could still be considered somewhat anecdotal. Deep down, it was hoped that both one and the other would gain minutes and weight in the team as the weeks went by, since the season is very long and efforts must also be distributed. The Rodrigo’s injury, in fact, It seemed to open the doors even for Marco and for Eden, but Valverde was chosen instead by Ancelotti. And it is always like this, also in these last two days of The league.

The The situation of the Spanish and Belgian footballer is beginning to be unsustainable at Real Madrid because this past weekend before the Spanish Neither of them stepped onto the field of play. zero minutes for both a very clear message that neither of them is available, at least for the moment. This, in fact, is being taken in the environment as a measure of pressure especially for Marco Asensio so that he goes through the exit door and leaves the white group.

In fact, Carlo Ancelotti already acknowledged a few days ago at a press conference that Marco Asensio had some interest from other clubs and perhaps he is trying to reserve it so that he does not suffer any injury and therefore his exit is not cut short. But the case of hazard it is even more bloody because pappeared one of the great ‘signings’ of the summer and is once again disappointing resoundingly in the Real Madrid. For the moment, the countdown continues for the transfer market to close.

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