customers start weighing all the products they buy

There is no doubt that Mercadona is the king of supermarkets. In addition to putting new products on sale every week, it is one of the favorites of the Spanish for its products, despite the fact that in recent weeks we have noticed a price increase quite drastic in Juan Roig supermarket. But it seems that there are many customers who, despite spending some time buying in MercadonaThey are not happy with all the services they offer. In fact, now the Valencian supermarket chain is right in the spotlight.

A few days ago we were able to see through social networks a new trend which included Mercadona: weigh the products they sell in the supermarket. By doing so, customers have found that not everything is as nice as it seems and that they feel cheated by the supermarket that sells the products of Farmer.

Tony Garcia, a user of the Twitter social network, uploaded an image in which he explained that the meat he had bought weighed 1/5 less than what was stated in the package. “The same I will have to go with a scale to make the purchase,” he wrote indignantly.

As a result of this, were other Mercadona’s customers those who decided to do the same and weigh what they had bought to see if it was an isolated event or if Mercadona’s products really mark a weight that does not correspond to them. And the surprise was enormous for the clients since, indeed, they verified that they brought less quantity than indicated.

Several customers have complained to Mercadona for this reason

In the face of customer complaints, Mercadona It has limited itself to responding through social networks to some users lamenting the error and requesting the point of purchase, in addition to encouraging buyers to take the product in question to return it for another with the correct weight.

«“Good afternoon, Tony. Thank you for informing us of what happened, we would like to review it. Could you tell us in which store you bought it? If you tell us, we will send the information so that you can take the sample and we can make the refund. A greeting », they wrote from the social networks of the supermarket.

The affected person in question did not hesitate to return to reply to Mercadona about the situation: “Thank you for your response. I have eaten the sample. He was very rich, by the way. I bought it online. I weighed it to distribute the portions and was surprised by the result. The scale weighs well, I have tried the tomato pot afterwards). I hope it was something punctual, I’ll look into the future », he finished by saying.

Other users have also decided to upload photos of their products so that everyone can see that Mercadona products weigh less than what is indicated on the labels:

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