Dacia Jogger Camperiz, the cheapest camper is manufactured in Spain

Have a camper has become the goal of many lovers of caravanning and out there all kinds of solutions are emerging, some more expensive and others cheaper. Among the cheapest is the one offered by a Spanish company with this Dacia Jogger Camperiz.

the spanish company Camperizspecialized in camperizing vans, has prepared an interesting interior kit for the dacia jogger, turning the Romanian minivan into an interesting ally to travel wherever you want. The transformation occupies the entire interior of the vehicle, so it loses the third row of seats. However, it wins in many other respects.

Dacia Jogger Camperiz, the cheapest camper is manufactured in Spain

The Camperiz Jogger basic kit includes a folding mattress that converts into a double bed 1.05 meters Wide. The bed is placed on the folded rear bench, with the lower part reclining, allowing easier access to the trunk. Below, we find a storage compartment with a capacity of 60 liters or a small 15 liter fridge and a portable sink with a collapsible faucet which can also be used as a shower, using water from the 12 liter tank. Optionally, a portable gas stove.

The interior of the camper Dacia has LED lighting dimmable, USB ports doubles to load and a 12 volt plug, all powered by a 100 Ah auxiliary battery. The windows have nine layers of thermal insulation and can be darkened. In addition to all that, Camperiz offers a long list of options on its website, such as folding chairs, a table, Webasto static heatinga system of Hot watera retractable awning and a roof rack with up to 480 liters to make up for the lack of boot space to transport bikes, skis or a surfboard.

The Dacia Jogger Camperiz is for sale from 23,295 euros with the most basic kit and can go up to €28,728 with all the options. So it is the most economical way to get a well-equipped camper for adventure.

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