DaniRep explains why he has abandoned TortillaLand 2

Abandonments are completely normal in any series of streamers and the reasons can be many. After nearly three weeks, TortillaLand has suffered its first two casualties with DjMaRiiO Y DaniRep.

The first one gets off Tortilla before the imminent arrival of FIFA, something that he already warned about at the beginning of the series. However, DaniRep’s case is different, since no one expected her to leave.

Now he himself wanted to clarify the reasons with his audience: “It doesn’t convince me Minecraft just as it is played in Tortilla. I am a person for whom in all games there always has to be action, competitiveness… and that in TortillaLand there is not“.

♬ Another Love (slowed reverb) – Lrozen

Even so, DaniRep also makes it clear that Tortilla has “had a great time” and has “laughed a lot”, but clarifies that other content creators could take much more advantage of participating in the series.

No one can blame DaniRep for not having been honest in his statements. Of course, and considering his arguments, he seems to have taken the most consistent decision both for him and for the development of the series.

D3stri has been in charge of replacing him and, since yesterday, he is part of the list of members of TortillaLand 2. On the other hand, Noni It has been the replacement chosen to replace DjMaRiiO.


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