DELL announces that it officially ceases all its activity in Russia

Again another company decides to move away from this country. Today August 29 DELL announces that it officially ceases all its activity in Russia

Since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine, there have been many brands, large companies and companies of all kinds that have ceased their activities with Russia. Although not all (but enough to drown Russia), there are still a few to join the rest.

Six months ago, at the end of February, Dell suspended the supply of its equipment to the Russian market. The company is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world. However, in Russia, Dell servers were the most popular – the company took first place in their supply. After the departure of the corporation, its place will be taken by Russian and Chinese manufacturers.

But it is not only the supply of all kinds of material, unfortunately the people will also be affected, since the company has reported that the staff will receive up to eight salaries at the time of dismissal. According to their estimates, Dell’s Russian representative office employs about 50 people. All salespeople, the marketing department, and technical specialists.

In Moscow, the corporation had a sales office, and in St. Petersburg – a development office. In addition, around 400 software developers for various enterprise-grade products (Unity, PowerStore, DLm, etc.) will be laid off from Dell’s development office upon agreement of the parties.

According to a former DELL employee in Russia, employees are given equipment (laptops, monitors) free of charge, but the corporation deletes all data from corporate hard drives and phones.

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